Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

A group of local teens are hoping to gain help in clamping down alcohol theft by minors.

The teens are part of Coastal Connections Youth Organizing Project, a group that brings teens together during the summer to explore issues relevant to youth and make change in their community.

A few dozen people filled the Rural Human Services Community Room to listen to the presentation of the teens' research about alcohol theft and its effects in Del Norte County.

A few teens in the group shared their stories about how alcohol consumption has affected their lives.

One teen related that she grew up with an alcoholic mother who abused her which then led her down a path of bad decisions and mistakes until she decided to turn her life around.

Another teen relayed how easy it was to steal alcohol from local grocery stores. He shared an anecdote about a time when he, his brother and some friends stolenine bottles from a store then went to drink on the beach.

His teenage brother ended up passing out and hitting his head, causing the teens to call for an ambulance. It was that incident that "opened his eyes", the teen said.

At the end of the presentation the teens reached out to various members of the community, including City Councilman Ron Gastineau, to help support their cause to reduce the access of alcohol.

Brian Ridgley, manager at the local Safeway, was on hand also to show his support and agree to help the teen's cause.

"We do get more than a fair amount of calls of theft," said Police Chief Doug Plack. "I think this group is certainly trying to get the community involved and do their best and try to limit the access of alochol to youths in the community. I think it's a very worthwhile program to concentrate on."

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