It is always fun to look at the old red and white Warrior blanket that hung on the wall in the old high school gym.

I look at the names of former Warriors who have had their names put on this piece of history and feel honored that I have known most all of them personally, even though I only got to see a very few perform as Warriors.

There is one 1947 graduate that I only had the privilege of watching during his senior year. Lyndon Abarr was a three-sport Warrior in football, basketball and track.

He played football in his senior year under coach Phil Crawford. The 1946 team was in the second year of the return of 11-man football, which was dropped during World War II. It played a limited five-game schedule and went 1-4, beating Ferndale 14-0.

Track was Lyndon's best sport. He was a three-year varsity letterman and his performance in the sport resulted in his name being placed on the blanket.

Lyndon's talents went far beyond the athletic arena. During his entire high school career, Lyndon was on the academic honor roll. He was also a member of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF); he served as vice-president of that organization during his sophomore year. It was interesting that, during Lyndon's senior year, CSF had nine girls and only three boys, but all three boys were Warrior athletes - Lyndon, Dick Moen and Gordon Miller.

He also worked on the school newspaper, the Crestonian, where he served as editor during his senior year and sports editor during his junior year. Lyndon was also an active member of the "D" Club, the varsity lettermen's club.

This former Warrior is one that was respected by all who knew him. You can still see his name on the Warrior blanket that now hangs in the Historical Society Museum, where it reminds us of past Warrior history.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports. He played football for the Warriors and graduated in 1951, later serving as the school's football coach for a number of years.