Robert Husseman, The Triplicate

The Del Norte County Sheriff's department responded to a report of a break-in at the snack bar at Pyke Field on Wednesday morning.

The snack bar was broken into sometime on Tuesday night. Three softball bats and two gloves were stolen along with numerous food items, the Triplicate has learned.

Sheriff's Commander Bill Steven confirmed that an investigation was ongoing but had no further comment. A monetary value on the stolen items was unavailable.

It was unclear how the thief or thieves entered the snack bar, but a padlock was affixed to a metal security door on Wednesday afternoon.

Pyke Field and the snack bar are property of the Del Norte County Recreation and Parks Department. The three fields on the premises host Del Norte Little League baseball and softball and Rec Department softball league games and tournaments. Rec Department coordinator John Horner was not available for comment.

Horner posted a message regarding the snack bar break-in to members of the Facebook group Crescent City Sweet Deals just before midnight on Tuesday.

"Along with numerous items that are definitely replaceable ... there was also a blanket taken that has been in our family for nearly 40 years and can not be replaced," Horner wrote.

"My mother is heartbroken and can't stop crying. If anyone knows anything about this or hears anything ... just ask them to return the blanket ... no questions asked. I love this community and am asking for help any way possible."

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