Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

A Crescent City man apparently lost more than his money during and after a trip to the casino Sunday.

The Crescent City Police Department was dispatched to a home on the 1300 block of Huntington Street around 11:15 p.m. regarding a possible domestic violence problem.

After officers interviewed witnesses at the residence, they arrested Joel F. Holben, 36, on suspicion of inflicting corporal injury, assault with a firearm, battery with serious bodily injury and possession of a deadly weapon.

Holben and his 34-year-old girlfriend had just returned from gambling at an area casino when an argument between the two began, said Police Chief Doug Plack.

"He was upset about the amount of cash he lost during the night," said Plack. "This led to a disagreement that escalated into a full blown physical (altercation)."

Holben allegedly shoved his girlfriend backward, causing her to stumble, Plack said. A 16-year-old girl in the residence witnessed it and pushed Holben away from the woman, Plack said.

Holben then grabbed the juvenile's neck and tossed her to the side, then threw a wooden table at his girlfriend's left leg, Plack said.

Another juvenile in the residence called an older brother, who did not live at the residence, to retrieve the children from the home, Plack said.

When the older brother arrived, Holben allegedly grabbed a shotgun and butted him in the face, causing his knees to buckle, Plack said.

"This was after (the brother) threw up his hands as he saw the presence of a weapon and backed away," said Plack.

When officers made contact with Holben, he stated he didn't know what happened and that he had consumed some alcohol, Plack said.

"He denied having a shotgun and denied striking anyone with it," said Plack.

With consent to search the residence, officers found a pellet gun and a tactical shotgun with pistol grip, which was confiscated, Plack said.

The older brother was treated at the scene for his injuries and the girlfriend declined medical treatment, Plack said.

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