Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Instead of paying child support, a local man chose to go to jail.

Steven A. Aguirre, 35, was sentenced to three years in jail and fined $350 for failure to appear and failure to provide child support.

After a long discussion regarding what he should be sentenced with during a hearing last week, Aguirre chose jail time instead of paying the more than $100,000 he owes in child support, court documents state.

On the table was a deal that would have given him probation on the term that he would have to pay child support, court documents state.

Aguirre owed more than $50,000 to four different women in Del Norte County and more than $50,000 to a woman in Marin County, court documents state.

Aguirre had lied multiple times to the probation department about where he worked, citing a fishing boat on one occasion. When the claim was investigated the fishermen had no idea who he was, court documents stated.

Aguirre eventually conceded during a pre-sentence interview with the probation department that it is doubtful he would be able to pay the child support, court documents state.

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