Something ravenous lurks in Beachfront Park and on Sunday it will be unleashed.

The undead will infest the park, preying upon unsuspecting runners in Crescent City's first-ever zombie run. Based on similar events elsewhere, the 4-kilometer run is a fundraiser benefiting the city's Fred Endert Memorial Pool.

"It sounded like an interesting and different thing to do," said pool manager Matt Hildebrandt. "Ours is a smaller scale than most of what you find online. This is our first try. We're just seeing what the response is this year."

Participants in "Zombie: Run from the Horde" will be divided according to their age and will consist of humans, zombies and walkers. Individuals and teams of three are welcome.

The humans will run the course with flags tied around their waist, Hildebrandt said. The zombies will try to take those flags. Walkers will also be welcome, but they will be immune from zombie attacks, he said.

"They'll see them wandering around and they'll get to experience the whole thing except being chased by the zombies," Hildebrandt said.

The course will begin at the swimming pool. Humans will run down Howe Drive, cross B Street, run up the hill to the Battery Point Lighthouse parking lot and run down to the checkpoint at the beach. They will then return to the parking lot, run A Street to Battery Street, take a right on B Street, run to the checkpoint at the end of the pier and back to the pool via Howe Drive and Kidtown. In addition to pursuing the runners, the zombies will help guide the way.

At the end of the course, humans will be given $10 for each flag that remains on their belt, according to the event press release. Those who are part of a team will receive $5 for each flag that remains on their belt. They may choose to donate that money to help the pool.

Hildebrandt said the runners who have the most flags left on their belt will receive a prize. If their flags are gone, the runner who has the best time will receive a prize, he said. Zombies will receive prizes for the best makeup or best acting, Hildebrandt said. Walkers are not eligible to receive prizes.

In addition to dressing for the weather, runners should also wear attire that can get messy.

"At one point they'll be going through a small wading pool-size container of Jello and spaghetti. Nothing really gross except it will get on them" Hildebrandt said. "They'll also be splattered with blood, which is only red-colored water."

The registration fee is $25 for zombies, $50 for humans and $10 for walkers. The teem fee is $75. Registration forms can be found at the pool, at City Hall or online at Runners must also sign a release of liability. Those who are under 18 must have the release of liability signed by a parent or guardian.

Advance registration forms and payment should be mailed or taken to 377 J St., Crescent City, CA 95531.

Hildebrandt said registrations will be accepted up until 8:30 a.m. the morning of the event.

The zombie run will begin at 9 a.m. Sunday at the swimming pool at 1000 Play Street.

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