A big thank you goes out to the Del Norte County Road Yard, Caltrans, All Tribes Church, Hambro/WSG, and our citizens and neighbors who volunteered their time and energy, made donations or helped in some way, on Sunday, Oct. 20, for the Parkway Drive roadside trash pick-up.

Over 40 residents, including Supervisor David Finigan, participated in collecting 50 bags of trash, tires, chairs, a mattress, a propeller and a TV, which were hauled off for disposal.

The event and lunch were coordinated by the Dundas Neighborhood Watch in response to one young neighbor's concern about all the roadside trash.

Karen Phillips

Sincere thanks to cleanup volunteers

Thank you to all the upstanding citizens who pitched in to help with the cleanup of Parkway Drive. It was about a week or so ago when I saw all these fine folks all pitching in, cleaning up trash from all of our Earth's litterbugs who felt they couldn't carry the burden of disposing their trash properly, instead just tossing it out the window because no one is looking or couldn't handle it sitting on their floorboard for a few minutes until they could toss it in a garbage can.

When I saw this I instantly wanted to stop and give my thanks and appreciation, but there were so many people scattered all the way down Parkway. Instead, I thought, even better, I'll write a letter to the editor so they all will know how much their efforts are appreciated, and I admit, I forgot to sit down and do it.

Today the universe brought one of its helpers that I specifically saw that day and was gonna pull over and say thank you to for making Parkway clean walking down my road out of the clear blue sky, as a reminder to me that I never took the time to give thanks to those who bring optimism without asking for a handout or even a thank-you.

So here it is: Thank you sincerely everyone who helped! May the universe bring great things your way!

Keith L. Ownsbey