Triplicate Staff

Education reform will take center stage at a Del Norte Tea Party Patriots forum tonight.

Holly Swanson, an Oregon critic of the Green Party and author of "Set Up and Sold Out" and "Training for Treason," will speak about the new Common Core State Standards, which are set to be implemented in California for the 2014andndash;15 school year.

The California Board of Education adopted the Common Core Standards in 2010. Forty-five states are in the process of implementing the new standards. Local school boards will still determine their district's curriculum and what their students learn in the classroom, Nancy Brownell said in September. Brownell is tasked by the California Department of Education to help local districts with the transition. She met with Del Norte County Unified School District administrators and teachers in August.

As part of the Common Core, students will focus more on writing, including informational writing, according to local education officials. At the elementary level, teachers will focus more attention on informational texts rather than literature.

The Tea Party Patriots forum will be held from 6andndash;8 p.m. today in the floral building at the Del Norte Fairgrounds.