Laura Wiens, The Triplicate

It's a show to die for.

Deborah Scott's theater class at Del Norte High School is gearing up for its stage production of "Her Lips Were Sealed," a murder mystery, set for Friday, Nov. 22, at 7 p.m. and a 2 p.m. Saturday matinee on Nov. 23 in the high school's Multi-Purpose Room.

Dinner will be served at the Friday night show. The buffet-style spread includes chicken alfredo, pasta primavera, veggie medley, tossed green salad, cake and beverages. Saturday's lunch features chicken salad on a croissant, pasta salad with veggies, tossed green salad, cake and beverages.

Tickets cost $15 for Friday's show and $12 for Saturday's. They can be purchased at Del Norte Office Supply or through a student of Deborah's class. The last day to buy the tickets is Tuesday. There's only room for 100 people per show, so get them now before they're gone.

With a 1940s flair, a cast of 15 students will keep the audience guessing as to who murdered Hedda Parseword, the "real tramp of Bourbon Street."

Hedda, played by freshman Gabby Dodson, has invited her upper-crust-of-Broadway friends to help fund her new show, "Snowball's Chance," starring herself, but she's not the only one vying for the lead part. There's the Broadway starlet, Misty Shores, played by Calina Foster, whose unsavory gangster boyfriend, Pretty Boy Barnes, played by Adam Dahlberg, and his sidekick Jimmy the Weasel (Jacob Gutierrez), exert their influence on helping her to obtain the part.

Then there's famed choreographer Jean Astaire (Beth Hall) and costume designer Sheesha Ragsworthy (Violet Levitt), who also want the starring role. Just how far will these self-absorbed, ambitious characters go to get what they want?

That's up to detective Samantha Spaed

(Savannah Nosik) and investigative reporter Nimrod Hunter (Walker True) to find out, with the help of the audience. During a handful of scenes as the plot thickens, many motives for the murder are revealed.

"You wouldn't suspect the ending," said Pretty Boy Barnes, aka Dahlberg.

This may be billed as a suspense play, but there's plenty of comedy with interesting characters. The students saidthere's a lot of puns and jokes that'll keep the audience entertained.

"It'll keep you on your toes," said Kira Morse who plays Chi Chi.

The audience will get the chance to ask the characters questions to try solve the crime. At the conclusion of the play, they'll cast their votes.

"I think you'll always be guessing," said Emma Stevenson, who plays a waitress named Sheila.

River Hernandez, who plays Fernando de Las Vegas, personal assistant to the murder victim, adds with a wry smile and raised brow, "It will be the greatest murder mystery play in Crescent City."

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