It is always fun to look back at former Del Norte athletes who played shortly after I graduated and I got to know not only for their accomplishments on the athletic field but also as friends.

Dean Williams, 1955 graduate, is one of those special people. Dean started his Warrior career on the football field during his sophomore year. This was the 1952 season, and he had the pleasure of playing with an outstanding group of seniors that included Lee Templeton, Rod Griffin and Nick Parry on a team coached by Tex Gatlin and Mike Whalen.

This is a group that I had the privilege of playing with during my senior season as a Warrior. Dean continued his football career and became an outstanding defensive player.

When football season was over, Dean headed to the basketball court, where he made the varsity team as a sophomore and stayed throughout the rest of his high school years.

Dean also had interests in other school activities. He was regularly elected to class or student body offices. As a junior he was elected to be the school's rep for the PTA. At that time the Parent Teachers Association was a very active group.

Dean also became an active member of the "D" Club, which did a great deal to support all high school athletics. Dean was also an excellent student and was regularly on the Honor Roll and a member of CSF.

After graduation, Dean went to college and became a teacher and eventually a school administrator. When Dean finally retired he was a top administrator in Humboldt County.

Dean was the type of school administrator that coaches loved. He knew how much sports mean to a school. He is the type of former Warrior that Warrior fans can really respect.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports. He played football for the Warriors and graduated in 1951, later serving as the school's football coach for a number of years.