Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

A Klamath man is headed to prison for threatening his way into his aunt's home, but many other charges against him have been dropped.

Jay W. Bates, 30, was sentenced Thursday to six years in state prison, and he will have to serve at least 80 percent of that sentence as part of a plea deal with the District Attorney's Office.

Bates pleaded guilty to criminal threats with a special allegation of one prior criminal "strike." This latest conviction will add another "strike" to his record.

A third "strike" would mean 25 years to life in prison.

In exchange, several charges from three other cases were dismissed. They include possession of a short-barrelled shotgun, resisting arrest, carjacking, child endangerment, assault on a person with a firearm and arson.

In two of those cases, authorities said his mother was the main victim. Last December, Bates is alleged to have shot a firearm while in her house, and in July 2012, Bates is alleged to have attempted to burn down her house.

In another incident in August 2012, Bates is alleged to have attempted to steal a woman's car.

Acting District Attorney Katherine Micks said the charges were dismissed because of witnesses who were either uncooperative or not credible.

In the case in which he was convicted, Bates went to his aunt's house in October 2012 and threatened her with a gun in order to gain entry, court documents state. Once inside, he began preparing a marijuana cigarette, at which point officers arrived, documents state.

Bates escaped through a bathroom window, documents states. That was one of many times Bates was able to elude authorities from when he was wanted in June 2012 until his arrest last February, when a multi-agency team of officers surrounded his home and found him hiding under a bed.

During that span, there were 26 calls made to authorities regarding Bates, ranging from running around Klamath with a firearm to allegedly trying to break into houses on Elk Valley Road.

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