Four iPads and a laptop computer, worth a total of about $3,000, were stolen from Crescent Elk Middle School late Monday or early Tuesday.

School staff members discovered the theft Tuesday morning, said Don Olson, Del Norte County Unified School District superintendent. They initially suspected that someone had broken into a seventh-grade social studies classroom, but it now appears the thieves may have had keys to the room, he said.

"Yesterday afternoon we changed the locks to the storage room at the school site," Olson said. "We're also in the process of upgrading (school) security and adding some additional cameras to the school sites so we can have a better view of things that go on there after hours."

The iPads belonged to the school district and were used by students, Olson said. He said he wasn't sure if the laptop belonged to the district or was a personal laptop.

This isn't the first time electronics have been stolen from the school district. Four iPads were taken from a different school site in August, Olson said. And a laptop was taken from a sixth-grade classroom a few days before the 2013andndash;14 school year started, he said.

An LCD projector and two security cameras were also stolen from the school district earlier this year, Olson said.

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