A "laundry list" of building violations that have gone unanswered has prompted the city to pursue legal action against the Gardenia Motel, officials announced Monday.

According to City Attorney Bob Black, structural issues at the motel at 119 L St., including rotted load-bearing beams and rooms overpacked with material, have left some of its rooms unsafe for human habitation.

Black said City Council met in closed session and unanimously authorized the city to pursue litigation that would abate the unsafe conditions at the motel. The Council also authorized City Manager Eugene Palazzo to enter into a contract with Ontario law firm Silver and Wright LLP to provide special counsel.

"The notice went out in August basically trying to get some of those things taken care of," Black said. "We're not really intent on going to court if we don't have to, but if we can't get cooperation otherwise the law provides these remedies to the city."

This is the second time the city has approached the Gardenia Motel with building code violations, Black said. The first time was about three years ago, he said.

Community Development Director Eric Taylor, who is also the city's code enforcement officer, said officials haven't filed any legal action at this point. He declined to provide further details as to the nature of the motel's building violations, saying it's an ongoing investigation.

The motel is owned by Lojerky Inc. of Santa Clara, according to the Del Norte County Assessor's office. A representative of the company said the motel is aware of the building violations and is working on it.

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