Triplicate Staff

The Sutter Coast Hospital Board of Directors has announced its intention

to seek Critical Access Hospital designation and retain a local board.

Here is a statement Sutter Coast issued Friday morning:

On Thursdaynight,

the Sutter Coast Hospital Board of Directors took thoughtful, decisive

action designed to help ensure that Sutter Coast is financially viable

and able to meet the health care needs of our community now and in the


The Board was compelled to act in response to a variety of challenges

impacting health care and rural hospitals nationwide. Hospitals

throughout the country are seeing a drop in the number in-patients

needing services in part because technology has allowed for more and

more procedures to be done outside of hospitals. In addition,

government reimbursements rates from Medicare and Medi-Cal continue to


Among the specific challenges facing Sutter Coast include:

A decline in patients from an average of

25 per day in 2008 to just 19 in 2012 and holding steady to an average

of 20 per day this year.

70% of our patients are insured by

Medicare or Medi-Cal, which do not cover the full-cost of care. The

number of patients 65+ in our community is projected to grow 12.5%

through 2018.

"Sutter Coast faces these challenges in a somewhat unique environment

where our opportunities to increase revenues are limited because of our

rural location and our demographics," said Ken Hall, Sutter Coast

Hospital Board Chair.

Working together these past few months, we have been able to achieve

some significant operational efficiencies and savings, but Sutter Coast

is still projected to operate at a loss of nearly $7 million this year,

which includes the AB1383 funding.

To help identify options to address these challenge, the Board

commissioned a study by the Camden Group. A 15-person Steering

Committee, comprised of community members, also generously volunteered a

good portion of their time to review, interpret and evaluate findings

and a survey was sent to the general public.

After evaluating all available data and considering feedback from the

Steering Committee, the medical community and the public, the Board

embraced a multi-pronged turn-around plan that includes:

Continued enhancements to already high quality care.

Aggressive physician recruitment to retain and attract top talent.

Increased efficiencies of hospital operations and cost reductions.

Application for Critical Access

designation which allows for increased reimbursement for care of

Medicare patients. More than 65% of rural hospitals across the country

are already classified as critical access.

Active communication with the community including ongoing Steering Committee involvement.

The Board also voted in support of a resolution to preserve the local

Sutter Coast Hospital Board of Directors for the foreseeable future.

We know the community has a lot of questions and concerns and we

concluded that for the time being the continuity of this local Board is

important. We are pleased that Sutter Health recognizes our unique

circumstances and supports our request for continued local governance

for the foreseeable future.

We all share the same goal of making sure Sutter Coast is financially

viable and able to meet the health care needs of our community now and

in the future. We believe the steps we are taking will help us achieve

this goal. We look forward to a strong partnership within the community

and between the Medical Staff and the Hospital moving forward.