With temperatures as low as 25 degrees at Jane Christmas's house in Gasquet the past few days, she wasn't surprised when it started snowing at 7 a.m. Friday.

"I have about three-quarters of an inch accumulation, so I got winter wonderland up here," she said later in the morning. "I do not know how to drive in the snow, so I'm going to be hibernating."

Christmas, a spotter for the National Weather Service, has chronicled the highs and lows in recent days. For example, on Tuesday temperatures at her house reached a low of 29 degrees, on Wednesday the low was 25 and on Thursday the low was 26. The highs ranged from 38 to 44 degrees but have only lasted for two hours, from about 1 to 3 p.m., Christmas said.

"This is not the norm for Gasquet," she said. "(In the) winter, there should be a low of 40 or something or a high of 55 or 60 and rain. That's our normal weather."

There were other reports of snow near Trees of Mystery in Klamath early Friday, said National Weather Service forecaster Doug Boushey.

Crescent City just saw cold rain, and plenty of it.

Del Norte's cold temperatures are due to an arctic air intrusion that has blanketed much of the western United States, Boushey said.

Friday's rain came from a cold storm from western Canada, Boushey said.

"Early in the week we had a real dry cold arctic air mass. Now we have a cold storm dropping in from the north bringing precipitation," he said Friday.

Today and Sunday are expected to be sunny and cold, with overnight lows dipping into the mid-20s, he said.

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