Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

An investigation of possible social security fraud led authorities to an indoor marijuana grow on Monday.

The Sheriff's Office was investigating possible fraud on the part of a local couple who were applying for social security benefits, sheriff's Commander Bill Steven said.

A search warrant was served by the Felony Investigations Unit Monday morning at 351 Mud Hen Road, where Donald, 54, and Camille Myers, 52, live.

The search yielded 100 plants up to 3 feet tall, as well as five pounds of processed marijuana, Steven said.

"They admitted to selling the marijuana to (medical marijuana co-ops) for $3,200 a pound," Steven said.

They were both in the process of applying for social service benefits to supplement assistance they were already receiving from the county, Steven said.

The main grow operation was in the garage, but they were also drying plants inside the house, Steven said.

The average power bill for the house was $700 a month, though it rose to $1,100 on one occassion, Steven said.

The couple had medical marijuana cards, but were arrested because they were selling marijuana to the co-ops illegally, Steven said.

Both were arrested on suspicion of marijuana cultivation and possession of marijuana for sale.

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