Basketball season is here again. This is always a fun and exciting time for Warrior fans.

I can look back a few years to the start of the 1947 season, when I first put on the red and white of old Warriors and took to the basketball court.

Things have changed a lot since then. Colors changed from red and white to blue and gold.

In those days basketball was divided into two categories, lightweights and heavyweights. To qualify for the lightweight division the league would set a date where all candidates for the lightweight program would be weighed and measured. Points were given for height, weight and age, and the total had to be under a certain number to be eligible. I was a lightweight.

There were no freshman or JV programs, and girls only got to participate on gym class teams.

All the home games were in what is now the Rec Gym, as the high school was still located on the corner of 9th and H streets. Even by the standards back then, the gym was small. The scorekeeper and timer had to sit in the stands above the playing floor and most times the clock and the timer didn't work.

A few short years after I graduated, the need for a larger playing area caused games to be played in the main building at the fairgrounds. A temporary plywood floor was laid over the concrete floor in the building, and bleachers were put on both sides. The temporary floor provided for some interesting times as there were dead spots where the ball didn't bounce very well. It made dribbling a challenge.

It was a great time for the fans and the athletes, with the building of the new school and the opening of the Thunen Gym. While Warriors basketball has always been great, this new facility made them even greater.

We can now look forward to seeing boys and girls from all levels - freshman, JV and varsity - playing on a good floor in front of a full house of super fans.

This really is a fun time of year for Warrior fans.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports.