Laura Wiens, The Triplicate

'He's excited,' said Rek'woi's mother. 'He's been looking forward to doing this'

'Tis better to give than receive.

Four-year-old Rek'woi Alameda did just that Friday as he experienced his first haircut - 14 inches' worth - to donate to Locks of Love, a national organization that turns donated human hair into wigs for children who have lost theirs through a variety of medical diagnoses.

His father, Anthony Alameda, said his son had seen an "infomercial" on TV where a little boy had no hair due to medical treatments.

"He said he wanted to give him his hair," said Anthony.

As several family members looked on, the Little School of the Redwoods preschooler sat in his mother's lap in the barber's chair at Razing Hair Salon as sections of his curly locks were carefully braided in preparation for getting them snipped off by salon owner Arthena Santos.

"He's excited," said his mother, Kohleen Alameda."He's been looking forward to doing this."

As the first cut was made, family members cheered him on. "It didn't even hurt," said Rek'woi with a big smile.

"When your child has naturally curly hair," said Kohleen, "it's hard to cut it off, whether they're a boy or girl."

With the promise of a lollipop for not squirming, Arthena worked quickly to even out his new hairstyle.

The results?

"I kind of like my hair cut," he said. "It's cute."

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