I have said for a long time that while most people's calendar has the four seasons as fall, winter, spring and summer, my calendar is different with the seasons being football, basketball, baseball and hunting.

I am still not sure which is my favorite, but since it is basketball season, that is my favorite for now. I look forward to watching our boys and girls teams play in Thunen Gym this season; it is still fun to look back to seasons that were played in what is now the Rec Gym.

The 1947-48 season will always stand out in my mind since it was my first year as a Warrior. Both the Warrior heavyweights and the lightweights played only a league schedule.

There were no Big 5 or Little 4 - all the schools were in one league. South Fork did not field a team until the next year.

The lightweights won only two games, beating Hoopa once and Ferndale. The heavyweights did a little better, winning four games.

They beat Ferndale once, Hoopa once and Eureka twice. The Eureka victories were by forfeit as Eureka was playing an ineligible player. He was too to be playing in high school.

The Warrior heavyweights featured several players that fans might remember:

andbull; Harry Trehearne, the tallest Warrior to play while I was in school and a young man whose parents owned Trehearnes Department Store that was destroyed in the 1964 tsunami.

andbull; Bill Glover, who was the son of Del Norte County Sheriff Chuck Glover.

andbull; Don Morgan, who became an all-county performer in football, basketball and baseball.

The lightweights were lead by Bob McNealy, John Fraser and Leonard Neilson. Leonard's parents owned Neilsons Hardware, which was another business destroyed in the tsunami.

While our success cannot be measured by wins and losses, it was still a great experience and one that started me on the path to becoming a forever Warrior fan.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports.