Praise given when due

When something displeases me, I am quick to say so. But I am just as quick to give praise when that is due, as it was recently. I had just gotten back from my credit union, after dreading to even have to go there. The rain was miserable, and doing business on the first day of the month is usually a nightmare of long lines and grumpy people. And since they were closed recently, I fully expected a most unpleasant experience, standing in a long line in pain and aggravation, berating myself for using my cane instead of the walker, which has a seat.

When I walked into Coast Central Credit Union, my fears were realized - I thought. The line was indeed very long.

But wait. Yes, the line was terribly long. But people were actually smiling!

There were lots more tellers today, and they moved that line incredibly fast. I moved up in line and was done almost before I realized it.

So, bravo, CCCU! You guys were more than great. Thank you for getting my day, and that of many others, off to a good start!

Martha Williams