January marks the first anniversary of the founding of the Masters Swim Club in Crescent City.

From the onset, the swim club has maintained the philosophy that this endeavor will take time to establish itself as a new entity that utilizes the Fred Endert Municipal Pool.

While the Crescent City community has had a Swim Club for the children for many years, there has never before been an avenue for adults, as a group, to pursue fitness and personal improvement.

Masters Swimming is not a "learn to swim" program. It is, however, a program that will help you to "learn to swim better." Through training and with a focus on technique, swimmers have been improving their skills and receiving health benefits by participating with a group of swimming enthusiasts.

Wild Rivers Coast Masters has grown from a Saturday-only practice to its current practice schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 6:30 a.m., as well as the Saturday swim from noon until 1 p.m.

For the Saturday practice sessions, there is often a focus on the technique aspects of stroke work. It is through this training that swimmers find ways to improve their movement through the water.

In March 2013, an All Comers Swim Meet was held at Endert Pool. This event managed to generate even more enthusiasm within the swim community as both adults and children found themselves swimming side by side. A fun time was had by everyone, young and old. Plans are under way to host another community All Comers Meet, possibly in mid-March again.

WRCM is also hoping to host a masters swim clinic for any registered masters swimmer. This event will also be scheduled for early spring, perhaps at the beginning of March.

So, in the continuing pursuit of fitness, while in the companionship of other like-minded adults, Wild Rivers Coast Masters invites any swimmer, 18 and older, to come to a practice and see if this activity is one that you might enjoy. We do offer a three-week trial period before you need to register with United States Masters Swimming.

Since January is the "month of resolutions," here is the perfect opportunity for you to come and join in with other community members who resolve to take better care of their health.

For additional information, feel free to call Dan at (541) 890-5483.

Hope to see you at pool side.