Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Two men were arrested for attacking another man in Crescent City last week.

Around 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Crescent City Police officers responded to a call on the 700 block of 9th Street for a disturbance.

They found a man was sitting in front of an apartment with his face covered in blood, a nose injury and a broken tooth, said Police Sgt. Erik Apperson.

"He told us that just before we arrived he was speaking with another resident in the apartment complex and (the man) approached him and punched him," said Apperson. "He continued to punch him multiple times. (The victim) believed he lost consciousness and that he continued to be struck after that."

The attacker, who was identified as Donald Wikoff, 24, had left the area, Apperson said.

Officers searched for Wikoff and contacted his family members, advising them he was sought, Apperson said.

Around noon Friday, Wikoff met with

officers at the Police Department and was subsequently arrested on suspicion of battery causing serious bodily injury.

Wikoff told officers the fight was based on an ongoing feud between the victim and a family member, Apperson said.

Another man, Michael Inta, 25, who was with Wikoff at the time of the attack was also arrested on suspicion of battery causing serious bodily injury, Apperson said.

Inta stated he was trying to break up the fight, but did strike the victim.

"It seems premeditated, very planned," said Apperson about the attack. "We're just happy to get them into custody."

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