Laura Wiens, The Triplicate

Friday, Saturday events celebrate CDs by Jon Parmentier, Zack Freiwald

Zack Freiwald grew up in Del Norte and moved away.

Jon Parmentier just moved here a few years ago.

But they have something in common this weekend. Both musicians will release their latest CDs at local events, Parmentier's on Friday night at a Crescent City art gallery and Freiwald's on Saturday night at a Smith River restaurant.

'Music for Redwoods'

Parmentier will be releasing his 12th album and sixth CD, "Music for Redwoods," at The Gallery of Arts and Culture, 175 H St., Crescent City, on Friday, with a 5 p.m. social hour and 6 p.m. music.

He started writing the music for the new release after the release of his "Salmon Run" CD about three years ago. It took a year to actually compose the new songs and about eight months to record it - "lots of studio time, about 300 hours."

"I decided to have a nature theme to my CDs, so I targeted the redwoods to be the next one."

He recorded it at home, using "open D tuning" on his guitar.

"That tuning just happens to have a certain mood to it," he said, adding he creates "happy little mistakes when I stumble across little chord progressions that sound good and try to develop them from there."

The CD price is $15, and it is available at the gallery and Del Norte Office Supply. Its liner notes include interpretive information about the natural history of redwoods.

Parmentier hopes to market it at redwood park visitors centers "all the way down through the redwood corridor."

The album is funded through Hatchfund, an online funding site similar to Kickstart.

"Thirty-nine people funded the manufacturing costs and that went really well; it meant a lot to me," said Parmentier. A lot of the people he knew, but there were a couple strangers. Benefactors "really came from all over the place."

This is the first CD he's done since retiring a year and a half ago after 26 years as a manager at Walgreens.

As for the next CD, Parmentier says it will be a little bit different with a gray-whale, underwater sound. "I'll be looking for that sound, whatever it is. We'll see what happens."

'Get Over Myself'

Freiwald describes his music as "Americana" or "roots-style." He plays in wine bars, coffee houses, breweries, universities, restaurants and bars from Portland to Boise.

His "Get Over Myself" CD release party will be Saturday at Gordi Bros in Fort Dick at 6:30 p.m.

It's his second studio album, recorded on his own Free Forest Records label. He self-produced several before that. His new CD is partly "original stuff I've written on and off throughout the years, a lot of songs I didn't get onto my first CD."

He said he "tried to make it sound like we're just hanging out on the beach or that you just invited a guy over to sing and play guitar sitting around your living room."

In his title track song, "Get Over Myself," he said, "I was willing to admit all the mistakes and weird things I did as a young person who didn't know any better, to realize that I'm really not as important as I thought I was."

After he got married and had a son, he saw that "it's not all about me anymore. It's about these two people."

"Every time you think you've arrived or come full circle, you have to re-evaluate yourself. You're never really done."

Born and raised in Crescent City, Freiwald is a Del Norte High School graduate, class of 1995. He was Triplicate newspaper carrier in the seventh and eighth grades.

"Me and my buddy were pretty muchthepaperboys. We had to start at 3 or 4 in the morning on bikes. Riding around in the dark in the fog, you never knew what was gonna come out of the dark."

He still works his "straight job to support his music habit," at the Historical Oregon Trail Interpretive Center in Baker City. He has also worked as a park ranger and wildland firefighter in Alaska, and served in the military for three years.

"I didn't think of picking up the guitar until I was 17 or 18. I got way over-the-top frustrated by trying to copy others." Then he started doing his own thing "instead of desperately trying to make it sound like someone else. I felt like whatever I was doing was mine."

He said he misses the beach "like crazy," and is still an avid trail runner and marathoner after getting his start running in the redwoods.

"Get Over Myself" sells for $12 and is available at, Rhapsody, iTunes and Spotify. It will also be for sale Saturday night.

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