Adam Spencer, The Triplicate

For years, the Del Norte County community and elected officials have debated whether or not structural change is prudent for the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority.

The Authority Board recently hired a consultanting agency for $33,000 to hopefully put the debate to rest, and on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Flynn Center, the consultants will be taking input from the public to help make their assessment.

The public is invited to provide comments regarding the services, performance, structure and efficiency of the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority.

The assessment is being completed by R3 Consulting Group, a Roseville-based solid waste management consulting firm established in 2002 that exclusively works for municipal agencies responsible for solid waste management.

The firm is being asked to evaluate and make recommendations on staffing, day-to-day operations, the director position, the organizational structure of the joint powers authority and possible alternatives to the JPA.

Privatization of the authority has often been the biggest point of contention regarding the agency, as well as internal procedures for handling cash at the transfer station after $28,000of authority funds went missing last year.That case is still under investigation.

The responsibilities and qualifications of the authority director post are also being evaluated as the position has been vacant since the authority board forced the former director to resign last July, and Tedd Ward has been filling two roles as program manager and acting director.

R3 Consulting Group's assessment report is expected to be drafted in March and completed by early April.

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