After writing about the first season the girls entered CIF competition in basketball which was 1974, I was asked, when did the boys start?

I didn't know but decided to find out. I knew that it was a long time before the girls. While basketball had been played by the boys for a long time, I found that the first CIF basketball competition was the 1946 season.

The Warriors fielded both a lightweight and heavyweight team in regular Humboldt-Del Norte League play for the 1946 season.

During the fall of that year the Warriors had fielded their first 11-man football team since the start of World War II. Clarence Kruger had been hired to lead Warrior sports and coached the football team, both basketball teams and the track team.

The Warrior heavyweights started this first league season with four wins and six losses. The team had five seniors, Ernie Holloway, Gale Boyd, Pete Wilson, Evo Mello and Cliff Cowley. The five underclassmen were Allen Slater, Dick Leland, Wayne Miller, Doug Hays and Jim Pressler.

This group ended the season in a fourth place tie with Ferndale.

The lightweight team started its first league season with a seven-win and three-loss record, finishing in a third place tie with Arcata.

This lightweight team had four Warriors that are special in my memory since I had the privilege of playing as teammates of them after graduation either in recreation league basketball or on the Crescent City Merchants baseball team.

They were Bud Pyke and Ted Hoffman, who were both Great Team All League, and Pete Brunk and Al Williams, who both received honorable mention on that first league representation.

Being the old Warrior fan that I am, it is always fun to look back at special Warriors from the past who have given me such fond memories.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports.