Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Acting-District Attorney Katherine Micks does not plan to run for the office this year.

Micks has been heading the office since District Attorney Jon Alexander was suspended last April following a State Bar Court Judge's recommendation to disbar him after finding him in violation of Bar rules against moral turpitude and corruption.

Alexander's appeal of the judge's ruling is still pending, but in the meantime, he is unable to practice law.

Micks' decision leavesattorney Robert Drossel as the lone announced DA candidate so far.

"At the end of the day, the overall reason was not wanting to take that much time away from my family, specifically my 1-year-old son," said Micks, who took the helm of the office the week she returned from maternity leave. "I really enjoy my job in this office and look forward to serving this community as assistant district attorney."

She noted that campaigning would take additional time away from her family.

"That's time I'm not willing to give up with my son," said Micks.

She joined the DA's Office in 2005 and became the assistant district attorney in 2008.

Micks said she has enjoyed her role as the acting DA and helping the office transition through a time of having its elected DA suspended.

"I feel the office has really come together in a good way and I've really enjoyed being a part of that process," said Micks. "I think morale was at a low last year, really going back several years, the office was overshadowed by the personalities and politics of the elected DAs and in a short period of time I was able to boost that morale, help the office run more effectively and overall,get the focus back toward what's important, which is public safety."

Part of running more effectively was coordinating weekly meetingsbetween the deputy district attorneys, DA investigators, victim witness coordinators and the office manager, said Micks.

She said she has "streamlined our process of reviewing reports."

She added she has also enhanced communication between victims and the DA's Office.

"I think those are things that are going to stick around," said Micks.

Though, she isn't running this election, she hasn't entirely ruled it out in the future.

"If the timing was right, I'd be interested in running for the DA position," said Micks. "I feel I'm a good leader and administrator as well as a good prosecutor."

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