While I was watching a Warrior basketball game a few nights ago an interesting comment was made to me by a cheerleader from the past during the halftime performance of the cheerleading squads of both schools.

The athletic ability of the boys and girls of both squads was outstanding.

The comment was just that cheerleading should be a sport.

This brought to mind the tremendous changes that have taken place since my days as a Warrior. At that time a cheerleading squad consisted of three or four girls and on some occasions a boy.

These groups were elected by the student body. Their primary job was to lead organized cheers in front of the student rooting section at games and at rallies. They also worked hard to promote good sportsmanship from students and fans.

I can still remember how popular student leaders like Millicent McVay, Helen Waterman or Fern Fowler could lead a crowd in a positive way.

I really do support the way cheer has changed. Many more students are involved. I can see why someone would say cheerleading should be a sport.

The amount of time the students put in practicing and developing their skills and creating their performance routines is comparable to that of an athletic team. They still have to lead at pep assemblies and promote support and good sportsmanship from the students and fans at athletic contests.

It is fun to watch the competition that the squads display from both schools even though no score is kept. The cheer squads definitely make the breaks in contests more enjoyable. Cheerleading nowadays is filled with many of our talented athletic youth.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports.