What do you believe in?

I believe in many things. I believe in God! I believe in myself because I believe we have God within us! I believe in my body! I believe in liberty! Wait. Go back one.

I believe even more strongly in my body just over the past two weeks since I've attended a couple of workshops and received a free personal diagnosis and initial treatment with Dr. Dan Schultz. His Crescent City practice is called the Maitreya Healing Center.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Schultz has been researching and updating cutting-edge information for his practice, which is designed for those who value health and wish to cultivate a healthier lifestyle. He sold his business in Michigan and moved to California to make a fresh start and set up a small, intimate practice.

His YouTube statement says it best: "The fundamental principle in holistic care is the concept of innate intelligence -- honoring the natural wisdom within. This internal, inborn knowledge is wiser than our educated intelligence, and the ability to heal from anything is inherent in each of us.

"In holistic thought and practice, we harness this powerful living force and reveal it, allow it, by removing the structural, chemical and mental interferences that have occurred over time. The body does the healing itself.

"The idea that symptoms are the cure, runs contrary to what we've been taught, mostly coming from pharmaceutical commercials selling you on the idea that you need fast, temporary relief from your symptoms.

"Symptoms are a very important prompt telling us, hey it's time to wake up. Most of us live our lives not valuing health at all. Ever talk to a dying cancer patient and hear his regret for not cultivating health?"

Now back to my list of what I believe in. I believe in responsibility! According to Dr. Schultz's Maitreya Method of Self Correction, "If we were really aware of our responsibility to intelligently manage our personal energy, health and longevity, we would actively cultivate those qualities."

Dr. Schultz's office is at 1080 Mason Mall, Suite 6D. His free workshop is normally Wednesday evening at 6:15. Call 954-7743 if you plan on going. The Structural Workshop covers "How to Adjust Yourself." The Mental Workshop is about managing your mind. And the Chemical Workshop is a discussion of balanced body chemistry and perfect digestion.

I'm especially interested In the next Chemical Workshop because, asDr. Schultz points out, most of us are dehydrated and too acidic. I've often read the same thing in health newsletters, and I believe these problems are hard to correct. I asked the question, why is it so hard to get around to drinking enough water? He said we can become so dehydrated, with the help of such things as coffee and alcohol, that we simply lose the sense of thirst.

Learn about Dr. Schultz's Maitreya Mountain Village Project on youtube. This is a sustainable off-grid community near Gasquet that he's building with his partner, Jane Moran, plus lots of help from the community. Energy is harvested from the sun and water comes from mountain springs. They're developing a permaculture food source, raising goats and chickens, and caring for the land and each other. More than 200 visitors have come just during the last five months.

Also, put on your calendar the Wild Rivers Coast Conscious Living Expo, being organized by the Maitreya Healing Center. It will be held May 17-18 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Crescent City Fairgrounds. The cost of a full day pass is $5.

Call 954-7743 if you would like to host a booth.The areas of interest are holistic health, green products, alternative energy, healthy nutrition, delicious food workshops, demonstrations, and merchandise.Also, let them know if you, your group or business, or someone you know would be interested in participating as a vendor, teacher or speaker.

Finally, another thing I believe in is faith. If you will listen to someone who is trying to help you and have faith that you can get better, then you need only make a serious effort in order to achieve improvement.

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