My interest in cheerleading goes family-deep for me, since my youngest daughter Kim was a cheerleader for Yucca Valley High school and my granddaughter Samantha Killen was a Warrior cheerleader here.

So when a cheerleader from 1980, the year I returned to work at Del Norte, called my attention to how hard cheerleaders work, I decided to look back at cheerleading in 1980 and compare it to 2014.

I found that cheerleaders are selected in a very similar fashion to sports teams. I talked to Joey Young, the adviser and coach of our present cheer squad. Cheer candidates go through a week-long tryout where they have to preform various routines. Cuts are made until the squad reaches the desired size.

In 1980, cheer candidates went through a three-day tryout in front of a group of judges. The judges selected a team that consisted of six varsity members, five JV members and four freshmen.

It is really fun for me to look back at the 1980 group since one of its members,Caryn Cholwell, was the one that pointed out to me how hard cheerleaders work.

The six members of the 1980 varsity squad consisted of three seniors, Deanna Perry, Kim Nuss and Tami Hintz, and three juniors, Neva Finley, Angie Blackburn and Caryn.

The JV squad included Mary Ames, Marva Blankenship, Sherri Hopper, Diana Mulinex and Teena Gensaw.

The four freshmen were Kim Yackamouih, Karen Graton, Mari Fears and Lynn Cutsforth.

This group of 15 girls was small compared to the large number we have now, but large compared to the three we had when I was a


In 1980 the Warriors also had a Warrior mascot, a senior by the name of Tim Ramel. Tim was a talented Native American dancer who performed to the delight of the Warrior fans at both football and basketball games.

It has been a real treat for me to look at cheerleaders both past and present and recognize the hard work these talented students put into giving Warrior fans the enjoyment we all get to share.

Thank you, Caryn, for giving me a well deserved nudge. Our cheerleaders are great.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports.