Triplicate Staff

As of today, "Doonesbury" is out and "Non Sequitur" is in on the Triplicate comics page.

"It was that or publish reruns," said Triplicate publisher and editor Richard Wiens, referring to the fact that "Doonesbury" writer Garry Trudeau has stopped penning his longtime daily comic strip so that he can continue work on "Alpha House," a video comedy series.

Wiens said the decision may be revisited if Trudeau starts penning new daily "Doonesbury" strips, which won't happen before this fall at the earliest.

Meanwhile, "Non Sequitur" is Wiley Miller's wry look at the absurdities of everyday life. It is syndicated in more than 700 newspapers and has received four National Cartoonists Society divisional awards, the most prestigious in cartooning.

It tackles current cultural issues such as politics, celebrities, male-female relations, materialistic desires and society's obsession with weight.