Student Spotlight March 18, 2014


Margaret Keating School

andbull; Students of the Month (Feb.): Taylor Gensaw, Jena McQuillen, Julian DeLillo, Autumn Poole, Jackson Bowen, Nik-Wec Bates, Amber Frye, Autumn Scott, Vincent Tracy, Mindy Beck

andbull; Bus Riders of the Month: Brandyone Salazar, Dante Romannose

andbull; Spelling Bee Attendees:Destinlee Mendez, Koy-Poh McQuillen, Talise Colegrove, Josephyne Swain, Destiny Scott

andbull; Perfect Attendance:Mer-mery Bates, Nik-Wec Bates, Segep Bates, Mindy Beck, Naquel Benites, Kee-Puen Carr, Talise Colegrove, Jesse Donahue, Ka-get Dowd, Amber Frye, James Gensaw, Taylor Gensaw, Tescha Gensaw, Riliey Henry, Havana Hernandez, Mercedes Hernandez, Ho'Ku'Lani Hubbell, Koy-Poh McQuillen, Jordan Mendoza, Augustin Mosqueda, Anastasia Nechayev, Emily Nechayev, Nalia Nechayev, Haley Patapoff-Pruitt, Cassidy Sallee, Chulhs Smiley, Liliana Solis, Anastasia Thompson, Jett Wagaman

andbull; 97 Percent or Better Attendance:

Starr Bates, Jazzmyn Bonato, John Donahue, Wautec Hoppell-Thompson, Welantuk Clyde Jones, Aditi Klassen, Naomi Kleinhans, Noah Mattz, Jena McQuillen, So-neehl-Kwe Mendoza, Raiy-ro Ramos, Destiny Scott, Keyonni Scott, Eyan Ujcich-Smith, Destiny Thompson, Ezra Tiedeman, Silas Tiedeman, Desiree Valvo, Mia Amor Villa, Tyler Werlin

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