When Warrior fans attend a Del Norte High football or basketball game, we can look forward to an exciting performance by the Redwood Rockettes.

This is the Warrior drill team that is composed of a group of talented students selected based on grades and skill. Every year there are tryouts where the final team members are selected. The members of this group make a real commitment, as it is a year-long one that involves a lot of time outside their practice time, in fundraising activities to finance their many adventures.

The group was started in 1958 by longtime Warrior teacher and coach Dee Sullivan. Dee, who was an Olympic-class athlete herself, had a real interest in helping young girls.

I have had the privilege of talking to several of the young people who had Dee for a coach, and the impact she had on their lives really shows.

Besides performing at local events, the Rockettes have also performedin competitions at Humboldt State University, Oregon State University and other places and have won many of them.

For years it has been tradition for the Rockettes to perform at a 49ers football game. This is an experience that team members long


In 1986 Teri Colton, who had been a Rockette in high school, took over as the Rockette coach and 28 years later is still their enthusiastic leader. Under her leadership the team got to perform one last time at Candlestick Park last season before the 49ers move to their new home in Santa Clara.

During the past 56 years Warrior fans have been thrilled by this group and are looking forward to each new year. I know I do. They are fun to watch.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High sports.