Laura Wiens, The Triplicate

Author's appearance at Jefferson State Books represents one of 19 possible places to go

Adult visitors to the redwood parks are usually looking up at the world's tallest trees, but their kids may well be looking down at, say, banana slugs.

Children's fascination with the living things in the woods inspired seasonal park ranger Christine Walters to write and illustrate "Anna the Banana Slug."

Walters will be the featured author at Jefferson State Books, 299 I St., during Friday's Crescent City Spring Art Walk. The bookstore is one of 19 venues open to the public that night from 4 to 7 p.m.

"Working for the parks, I know that banana slugs are popular," said Walters, of Crescent City. "I wanted to reach out to children to get them more interested in the park."

"Anna the Banana Slug" is Walters' first installment in a planned series of nature books for children under the theme, "Your Park, My Home." Each book will focus on different species of plants and animals.

"I have a list of about 30 species, but we'll see how far I get," she said, adding those species include redwood trees, elk and black bear.

Her self-published book includes a glossary as well as scientific nomenclature of various species.

"I want kids to know that the park is more than just a beautiful place to visit, but also the home to many kinds of species that depend on the park to survive," she said.

Other Art Walk venues for Friday night include:

andbull; Crescent Harbor Gallery,140 Marine Way, Arlene Krogstad, watercolors.

andbull;Steve Mattson Gallery,140 Marine Way, constructions and assemblages.

andbull;Philip Wadsworth Gallery,140 Marine Way, acrylics on canvas.

andbull;Vita Cucina,1270 Front St., John Hewitt, watercolors, pizza night.

andbull;Johnston's Gift, Garden and Home,962 Third St., Cheryl Anderson, watercolors.

andbull;Tomasini's Enoteca,960 Third St., Cheryl Crocket, watercolors.

andbull;Chere's Boutique,933 Third St., Lihi Halperin, photography.

andbull;Pele Winds, 299 I St., upstairs.

andbull;Del Norte Office Supply, 240 I St.

andbull;Redwood Parks Association, 1111 Second St.

andbull;Tsunami Games,240 I St., painted gaming models.

andbull;Millsong Mercantileand Backwood Studio, 1220 Second St., local artists.

andbull;KFUG Radioand TV, 2701 I St., help finish the KFUG mural.

andbull;The Gallery of Arts and Culture,175 H St., Jerry Moffit, pianist.

andbull;Del Norte Woodworking, 381 H St., custom relief wood carving, fine wooden bowls, Ralph Murphy and Michael Tompkins.

andbull;Made by US-101,1020 Pacific Ave., Glenna's eclectic wools.

andbull;Northcoast Marine Mammal Center, 424 Howe Drive, Lyn and Vi Burton, photography and woodworking.

andbull;Crescent City graphite artist Randy McMillenwill hold a grand opening for his new McMillen Art Gallery/Studio from 4 to 8 p.m. at 17265 Hwy. 101 North. He'll continue the celebration Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.