Del Norters came out in droves March 29 to support the fair.

The event was hosted by the Lake Earl Grange and supported by Del Norte FFA and local 4H clubs. More than 1,000 tri-tip dinners were served more than $22,000 was raised from the auction alone.

Organizers expect to net close to $30,000 from the event.

The event was a huge success in the first step toward the passage of a quarter of 1 percent sales tax measure in November.

Currently the Fair Board is in the process of forming a new Special Fair District, which is schedule to be finalized in July. The new district will have five board directors voted into office by the voters.

In November the voters will be asked to approve a sales tax measure that will sunset in seven years. The new revenues will take the place of the state funds that were taken away from fairs in 2011.

The proposed sales tax revenues will keep the fair running for the next 12-15 years, providing time for the new board to market the fairgrounds and create new partners who will lend to the fair that can pay its own way.

If the sales tax does not pass, the fair grounds will runout of money in 2016 and it will be force to close. The closure of the fair grounds would be devastating to the community and its economy.

We appreciate all the support we saw at the fundraiser and we are hopeful that the fair issue will be tops on everyone's list when they go to the polls in November.

Randy Hatfield is CEO of the Del Norte County Fairgrounds.