An unidentified body was found Wednesday near the Klamath River down a steep bank off Highway 169 halfway to Klamath Glenn, authorities said.

The Del Norte County Sheriff's Office, Del Norte Search and Rescue and the Department of Justice all had personnel on the scene working to recover the remains, which were in considerable decay, according to sheriff's Commander Tim Athey.

"We are treating this as a homicide," Athey said. "Since we don't know how this person died, that is how we have to treat it."

Even the gender of the person is uncertain so far, Athey said.

The Sheriff's Office is working with the Department of Justice to

recover usable DNA in order to identify the remains, he said.

Athey estimated it could take about two to four weeks before results are received.


can take longer, it can also be shorter," Athey said. "A lot of it

depends on if that person has had their DNA taken in the bank."


body was discovered as a result of the Yurok Department of Public

Saftey noticing a truck that had gone down the steep bank, Athey said.

With help from the California Highway Patrol, they investigated the


The remains were discovered 50-70 feet from the vehicle Athey said. The remains were found at about 6 p.m. Wednesday.

There appears to be no connection between the truck and the remains, Athey said.


driver of the truck apparently survive the crash roughly two weeks ago

and fled the scene without reporting the incident Athey said.

The CHP is currently investigating the truck.

The body appears to have been there longer than the truck, Athey said.