The first campaign finance disclosures have been filed in the race for Del Norte County judge and district attorney.

No financial information was available yet for committees lobbying for or against the Jefferson state proposal.

In the race for Superior Court judge, Darren McElfresh had received more contributions than incumbent Chris Doehle or Dohn Henion as of last month. But Henion had outspent his competition.

Candidates must file updated campaign finance disclosures in May before the June 3 primary election, according to County Clerk Alissia Northrup. In the race for judge, unless one candidate captures 51 percent of the vote, the contest will have a run-off in November.

McElfresh, a local attorney, had received $8,017 in contributions and had spent $2,607 as of March 17. His largest contributions

included $1,000 from Brian McElfresh, of San Ramon, and $500 from Dr. Donald Micheletti, of Crescent City. Brian and Janette Burlison also made a non-monetary contribution worth $661.78 in food, catering and decorations for a meet and greet on March 8.

McElfresh's largest expenditures included $1,020 to COPS Voter Guide, a non-partisan public advocacy service based in Folsom. COPS Voter Guide provided mailers for McElfresh's campaign.

Doehle, who was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown as Del Norte's first female Superior Court judge in early 2013, had received her share of contributions, too - $5,088 - and had spent $2,137.97. Her largest contributions included $500 from her colleague, Judge William Follett, and his wife Maureen. Marlene Doehle, of Eagle, Idaho, contributed $1,100 to the campaign.

No specific expenditure information was available for Doehle's campaign.

Meanwhile, Henion had contributed $3,000 of his own money in his campaign and had spent $2,857.83. His expenditures include $1,787.89 to the Del Norte County Elections Office for candidate filing and ballot fees and nearly $930 to the Triplicate for newspaper ads.

In the two-candidate race for district attorney, Dale Trigg had received $1,898 in monetary contributions and was using $1,000 of his own money to fund his campaign. Bob Drossel had received $223 in monetary contributions, all of them in unitemized contributions of less than $1,000, and was using $5,650 in loan money to finance his campaign.

Drossel's largest expenditures include $2,042 to the Triplicate for newspaper ads and $1,488 to BiCoastal Media for radio ads.

Trigg's largest contributions included $400 from Helen Trigg, of Kimberling, Mo., and $300 from Steven Kenner, of Richmond, Calif. Trigg's largest expenditures include $882.53 to the Del Norte County Elections Office for his candidate filing fee.

No financial information was available for the Keep It California campaign, which is urging people to vote "no" on the Jefferson state advisory measure, or for the Del Norte-Jefferson Committee for Measure A, which is urging a "yes" vote.

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