Well, at least Easter Sunday was a nice day! Just about perfect, I'd say. And while it may be windy and rainy since, we really do need to remember how much we need the water and be thankful.

Our Sunrise service down on the beach was great. Calm wind, calm sea, and even the gulls seemed to be turning down the volume. The sun came up as we gathered there, and if I could have wished for anything, it would have been that more folks would have joined us there.

But there were other services at other churches as well, and lots more people gathered at those locations. As I drove home, I passed First Baptist Church and saw a lot of friends there as they celebrated that empty tomb.

So while we were all scattered in different places, the reason was the same - to celebrate the risen Christ, the reason for our faith.

I think Easter is probably my favorite holiday because in addition to being the basis for my faith, it's a time of blooming flowers and cheerful colors after the winter. Everyone who knows me at all knows what a nut I am for plants and flowers.

And yes, that Gloxinia is once again growing on my kitchen windowsill. Icounted 7 buds on it today, and that's just the beginning! I think this is now 7 years this delightfully tough little plant has been greeting me every day through the spring and summer months.

We probably won't have a lot of things going on for a bit, but Mother's Day is coming soon - May 11 - which will be nice for folks young enough to still have their mom. Often churches will have the children do sweet little programs to honor their mothers.

At First Baptist tomorrow evening at 6 p.m. there will be a special program.

"Christ in the Passover" will be presented by Alan Bond, a Jews for Jesus missionary.

Everyone is invited to this powerful display of how Jesus fulfilled the promise of the Passover meal.

More information is available on the church website. A love offering will be taken, though the program is free.

You may recall the Sierra Service Project that did a lot of volunteer work in the area last summer. They will be coming to Del Norte County again this summer, so be thinking about where they might be helpful. A call will go out soon for those requests.

To reach Martha Williams, call 460-3000, or email