Triplicate Staff

No clouds, no wind, and a ridge of high pressure led to record-breaking temperatures in Crescent City on Wednesday and Thursday.

Crescent City saw 80- and 75-degree temperatures on Wednesday, April 30, and Thursday, May 1, respectively, which set new records for those days. Previous high temperature records were 75 degrees for April 30, set in 1958, and 69 degrees for May 1, set in 1993.

High temperature records were also set this week in Eureka, Brookings, Medford and North Bend.

Foggy, cloudy, and rainy conditions will prevail through the weekend in Crescent City, with an 80 percent chance of rain tonight and Sunday. Temperature records probably won't be broken again though, according to Bob Ruehl,

National Weather Service representative. Today and Sunday will see highs in the mid-50s.

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