A man wielding a knife was arrested Friday, the Crescent City Police Department said.

The CCPD received a call from a male, who's name was not released because he is a juvenile, stating that there was a man in front of Crescent City Cinema that was brandishing a knife.

Sgt. Erik Apperson and officer Justin Gill made contact with the individual in front of the theater. The juvenile confirmed that the subject, wearing no shirt, track pants and boots, had fled the area towards Elk Creek Trail, Apperson said.

"He was pretty shaken up and concerned," Apperson said of the juvenile.

The officers drove towards the trailhead where they spotted Justin Scott Bolt, 39, of Centerville, Wash., who matched the perpetrator's description.

When the police car turned on its lights and siren, Bolt took off down the trail, forcing Apperson and Gill to follow on foot.

Apperson said he ran roughly 100 yards before encountering a couple hikers.

"I encountered two guys that seemed pretty startled to see me, so I realized that (Bolt) probably hadn't made it that far," Apperson said.

After looking around, the officers located Bolt running off into the brush and were able to catch up with him and make the arrest without further incident. Bolt was found with the knife after he was caught, Apperson said.

Bolt was charged with a felony count of exhibiting a deadly weapon in public. He was also charged with resisting a public officer. His bail was set at $10,000.

"I was definitely happy to get him into custody," Apperson said. "The young gentlemen was definitely shaken up by the incident."

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