Aaron West, The Triplicate

The Planning Commission at its meeting on Thursday gave Big 5 Sporting Goods the green light to build a store in Crescent City.

In a 5-0 vote, the commission approved the major sporting goods retailer's plans to build a 10,000-square-foot store on a vacant lot at 1055 North Highway 101 near Totem Villa apartments.

"It was a straightforward project," said Eric Taylor, community development director. "There weren't any hangups. They're getting ready for construction. It'll be good for the community."

The approval was the result of several months of negotiations between the city and Big 5, which has already submitted a site plan for review, Taylor said. After that plan - which details landscaping, lighting, and parking standards - is reviewed, the company will submit a building plan, begin construction in a few months and then aims to open in late October or early November.

"We're excited to have this new chain retailer in the Crescent City area," Mayor Rick Holley said. "It'll help the growth in the north side of the city and provide another shopping opportunity for people in the area."

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