There is another special day this month.

A day to remember, to appreciate, and for some, to mourn.

Memorial Day is the 26th.

Reminders of those in the service were highly visible when I was growing up back in the '40s.

My father was one of six sons, and he and four of his brothers served in World War II. He and my Uncle Roger were Navy, Uncle John Army Air Force, and Uncles Roscoe and Berwyn were Army. As the eldest, Uncle Glynne was deemed too old to serve though he tried to enlist.

Back then, you displayed your pride in your family's servicemembers by displaying a flag in your front window. The flags had a star for every member of the household who was serving, and my grandparents' flag had five.

We were fortunate, though, because they all came home unharmed. They are now all gone, of course, but certainly not forgotten. I have been blessed enough not to have lost siblings or my sons, but I have friends who have, and I can hardly imagine how hard that would be.

So we will remember on that day and be appreciative of their sacrifice. Be thoughtful for those living today, for many have very great needs. Who knows what turns this country might have made if not for them? We might be living in a very difficult, different world.

To all our vets, thank you for your service!

Are you an older person needing help with some things around your home? Last year, the Sierra Service project brought a group of young people to the area, and they helped get a lot of things done.

They are going to be here again this year. Check them out onwww.sierraservice They will be taking applications for people to help.

They are not able to do everything, because they are kids, but there is a lot they can do.

The next services for Temple Beth Shalom will be in June, but the exact dates are not set yet. We'll bring them when they are.

June will bring Father's Day, so be sure to let me know what your church is planning to do. If your church isn't one that, like mine, will do a potluck after the service, you can make a special dinner at home, give him lots of attention and let him know how much you appreciate him.

I think sometimes we don't realize how much they mean to us until they just aren't there anymore. The years fly by, we get busy with living our lives, and suddenly a lot of those we love are gone. We wonder how that could have happened - until we look in the mirror and see our grandparents looking back at us.

Before we know it, school will be out for the summer. That means Vacation Bible School programs.

Sometimes, small churches have a problem finding enough people to do a program, and that's a shame because the kids really do seem to enjoy going.

Last year, some of our churches joined together to do programs, and I think that was a great idea. If you think you just don't have the people to do one, why not contact some of the other churches? The kids would be the winners, and you just might make some new friends.

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