Adam Spencer, The Triplicate

The Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority board will entertain several items related to the trash and recycling agency's future during its meeting at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Flynn Center.

What to do about the public member position on the authority board will be discussed, as Mary Wilson has now served in that position for more than a year, and authority commissioners who are members of elected governing bodies only serve for one year.

The board will discuss how long Wilson's appointment was intended to last and whether or not to seek new applicants for the position.

The board will also address "strategic planning" for the authority, which was requested by authority chair and County Supervisor Roger Gitlin.

Clear definition of the authority's short-, medium-, and long-term goals could be part of the strategic planning process, which was recommended by an independent consultant hired to assess the solid waste authority.

That consultant's report, which was intended to conclude a many-years-long controversy over whether or not the authority should be restructured, scaled back or privatized, will also be discussed during Wednesday's meeting. The board will consider submitting additional comments for R3 Consulting Group's draft report.

The authority board will also discuss a memo from the authority's legal counsel, Martha Rice, regarding the authority's legal requirement to adopt a mandatory recycling policy or ordinance to stay in compliance with state law, which the authority has not done.

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