Adam Spencer, The Triplicate

With only 11 days left before votes would be tallied, on Thursday candidates for Del Norte Superior Court Judge and Del Norte District Attorney filed the last campaign finance statements that will be required before election day.


While spending amounts among the candidates in 2014 have been fairly close, fundraising is a study in contrasts: Dohn Henion's campaign war chest is $4,000 greater than his nearest competitor, the vast majority of it self-financed; incumbent Judge Chris Doehle, on the other hand, hasn't loaned her campaign any money, and Darren McElfresh loaned himself about a quarter of his funds.


From March 18 to May 17, Doehle received $9,727 in monetary contributions for a total of $14,815 in cash contributions through May 17.

Of that chunk of change, Doehle has spent $13,127.40 on her campaign, with almost $11,000 of that being spent since March 18.

No loans required to be documented were made to Doehle for her campaign.

Notable contributions include $3,500 from JetPAC, a political action committee formed by the California Judges Association; $500 from Joyce Crockett of Crockett United Lily Growers; $500 from Elk Valley Rancheria; $250 from Smith River Rancheria; $250 from the Humboldt and Del Norte Building and Construction Trades; $150 from Del Norte Superior Court commissioner Thomas Owen and four donations ranging from $100 to $300 from current and former judges in Mendocino, San Diego, Santa Clara and Santa Barbara counties.

Doehle's larger tracked payments include $4,709 for advertising through Custom Dezign Graphics, $1,206 for advertising through the Del Norte Triplicate and $2,927 for campaign literature.


Henion received only $500 in campaign donations from March 18 to May 17, bringing his total campaign contributions through May 17 to $3,500.

Henion took a $13,500 loan from his own law office to finance the majority of his campaign.

Henion has spent $14,459 on his campaign this year, with $11,628 of that spent since March 18. Henion's highest payments include a $3,201 payment to Build A Sign, $4,352 in advertising through the Del Norte Triplicate and $3,172 for campaign literature.


McElfresh has received $10,663 in monetary campaign contributions through May 17, with $2,646 coming in since March 18.

McElfresh's campaign received a $3,300 loan from his own law firm since March 18.

McElfresh has made $13,667 in payments since Jan. 1, with $11,721 spent since March 18.

Notable contributions in the most recent reporting period include $400 from Bill Bommelyn of Bommelyn-Hartley Construction; $250 from John Babin of Babin Law Firm; $150 from Bob Berkowitz and $100 from Scott Feller.

McElfresh's largest campaign expenditures include $4,207 on campaign materials through Berkowitz's Lifestyles Research Company; $2,969 in advertising through the Del Norte Triplicate; $1,254 to Ron Sandler for yard sign reimbursement and $837 on radio ads through BiCoastal Media.


Del Norte District Attorney candidate Bob Drossel's campaign funds outpaced candidate Dale Trigg's by $2,000. The vast majority of Drossel's campaign has been self-funded; the opposite is true of Trigg's.


Drossel has received $1,183 in monetary contributions in 2014 with $960 coming in since March 18.

Drossel received $9,550 in loans from his own law firm since Jan. 1, and other monetary contributions include $100 from retired DA investigator Rich Harder and $100 from retired associate warden of Pelican Bay State Prison Paul Dillard.

Drossel's largest campaign expenditures include $1,732 to Lifestyles Research for campaign materials and $1,614 for advertising in the Del Norte Triplicate.


Trigg has received $7,289 in monetary contributions since Jan. 1, with $5,391 coming in since March 18.

Trigg has received $1,000 in loans since Jan. 1, and other monetary contributions include $2,202 from a Del Norte Golf Course fundraiser, $1,000 from Beverly Hussey, $820 worth of newspaper ads and campaign materials from Brian and Janette Burlison, $500 from Elk Valley Rancheria and $200 from acting DA Katherine Micks.

Trigg's significant campaign expenditures include $1,200 for advertising in the Del Norte Triplicate,$1,015 to Custom Dezign Graphics for campaign materials, $1,011 for advertising with BiCoastal Media and $957 for course fees to Del Norte Golf Course for his fundraiser.

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