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Wilson, Apperson headed to runoff; Doehle near 50 percent

With only 41 percent support, Measure A, an effort to get Del Norte County behind the movement to form a new state, lost by a wide margin, according to Tuesday's final release of election returns, representing all precincts.

"It's pretty amazing because I've been predicting 60 percent all along," said Kevin Hendrick, campaign director of Keep It California - No on Measure A.

"I'm really proud of the people in this county for recognizing a bad deal when they see one," Hendrick said. "I really hope the Board of Supervisors respect the will of the people."

Aaron Funk, county coordinator for the Del Norte-Jefferson State Declaration Committee, could not be reached for comment.

District attorney

In the Del Norte County District Attorney contest, Dale Trigg has won, with 56 percent of voters backing him over former Del Norte District Attorney Bob Drossel.

"I'm really honored to have the voters' confidence. I'm very

excited and thankful for all of my supporters, and I'm ready to get to

work," Trigg said Tuesday night.

Trigg attributed his success to

"overwhelming law enforcement support" and that "a lot of people really

wanted someone with a fresh perspective - I think that idea got a lot

of traction with the voters," Trigg said. "I'm going to work as hard as I

can and do the job to the best of my abilities."

Drossel was "obviously disappointed" with the results but said that "life goes on."


certainly want to thank everyone who voted for me, believed in me and

helped me in the selection, and I congratulate Mr. Trigg for the win,"

Drossel said.


In the Del Norte County

Sheriff race, there will be a runoff election in November between

incumbent Dean Wilson, who has 1,856 votes, and Crescent City Police

Sgt. Erik Apperson, who has 1,720 votes. Former sheriff Jim Maready has

1,068 votes and Yurok Police Sgt. Butch Lee has 363.

Wilson said he was pleased overall with the result after final returns were in.


though it went well. Given the number of individuals in the race and

the amount of work that was put into the election, I felt that it was

going to be a runoff more than likely in November," he said. "It'll be a

good November ballot, and between now and then it'll be interesting to

see what the voters decide."

Watching returns with supporters at Toreros Restaurant on Tuesday night, Apperson said he was happy to advance.

"I feel good about that. Second is winning. I've got a good group of support here and we're all enjoying ourselves," he said.

Superior Court judge


the three-way race for Del Norte County Superior Court judge, it's too

close to call whether incumbent Chris Doehle has won or will be headed to

a runoff. With 48.6 percent - 2,381 votes - Doehle has a chance to

clear 50 percent and avoid a runoff with Darren McElfresh after final

mail and provisional ballots are counted. McElfresh has 1,774 votes and Dohn Henion has 729.


for the possibility of a runoff, Doehle said she was looking forward to

"continuing the campaign and getting the word out. The feedback

I'm getting is really positive, and I'm gratified by the endorsements

I've gotten. I think that people are seeing the good job that I'm


McElfresh was "quite ecstatic" with Tuesday's results,

saying that "it appears to be that voters are not satisfied and want

some change."

He said he still has a lot of work to do and he is

looking forward to a fall race in which he can continue to run a

campaign that advocates being tough on repeat offenders "that commit

crime after crime without any ramifications."

Del Norte County

Clerk/Recorder Alissia Northrup estimated there are a few hundred votes

outstanding from mail and provisional ballots, and they will be tallied by


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