Triplicate Staff

Sutter Coast offering lab tests for $5; event will be adjacent to farmers market

Del Norte County residents will be able to get low-cost laboratory tests while they're checking out the farmers market on Saturday.

The Del Norte Community Health Fair will be held in the main building at the Del Norte County Fairgrounds. In addition to $5 lab tests provided by Sutter Coast Hospital, the health fair will feature the Family Resource Center's music and movement program as well as a Zumba demonstration, according to a press release from the Del Norte County Department of Health and Human Services. The Crescent City Children's Choir will perform as well.

The lab tests provided at the fair include a chemistry panel test for glucose, kidney function, electrolytes and liver function, a lipid panel test for cholesterol and triglycerides. A complete blood count test foranemia, infection and other disorders will be available as well as screenings for thyroid function and diabetes.

Lab tests are $5 per test. Those wanting a chemistry panel or lipid panel test must not eat or drink anything after midnight before the test.

For more information or to schedule a lab test, call Vanessa at 464-3191 ext. 2827.