Adam Spencer, The Triplicate

The Del Norte County Sheriff's Office rescued a woman who was floating in Crescent City Harbor on Thursday, after the woman walked into the ocean from Beachfront Park and let the current have its way with her.

The intentions of the victim, Misty Henry, 38 of Crescent City, are unclear, but according to Sheriff Dean Wilson, Henry said "she wanted to go out and put herfaith in Jesus."

"Apparently she decided to get into the water and started floating," said Wilson. "(Henry's) daughter was trying to get her out of the water but she floated far enough away from shore that she couldn't be rescued by anything but a boat."

Wearing a rescue dry suit, sheriff's deputy Devin Perry entered the water and tried to reach Henry from Beachfront Park before realizing that she was too far out.

Perry and Charles Tweed went to Crescent City Harbor and deployed the sheriff's rigid haul boat. Upon reaching Henry, Perry again entered the water and pulled Henry out.

She appeared to be physically fine but was taken to Sutter Coast as a precautionary measure, considering hypothermia risks.

Henry was making no effort to swim to the jetty or to shore.

"She was just floating out there," Wilson said.

"It's hard to say what her intent was, but she obviously has some issues she has to work with," Wilson said.

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