Triplicate Staff

None of the race results from election night changed after the final vote count was completed on Friday afternoon.

The final tally, which added 828 more votes to the count, didn't bring too many surprises with it, even though now some of the races look tighter than they did Tuesday night.

The judicial face-off between Chris Doehle and Darren McElfresh - the only one that could have had a different outcome from these last votes - brought Doehle's final count to 2,735, or 48.21 percent of the vote, which was down slightly from 48.62 percent after Tuesday's final count. McElfresh finished with 36.52% - three tenths higher than on Tuesday - or 2,072 votes. Dohn Henion got 851. A candidate needed more than 50 percent to avoid a runoff.

In the sheriff's race, which will go to a runoff in November, Dean Wilson, who ended up with 2,115 votes, or 36.37 percent, led Erik Apperson's 2,052, or 35.29 percent, by just 63 votes. On Tuesday Wilson had a 136-vote lead. Jim Maready received 161 votes in the final count to finish third with 1,229 votes total, or 21.13 percent. Butch Lee finished with 417 votes.

For the DA race, Dale Trigg finished with 56.04 percent, or 3,107 votes, against Drossel's 2,398.

Runoffs will take place in November.