Aaron West, The Triplicate

The Crescent City Council at its meeting this week addressed concerns regarding the newly tweaked fee schedule and came to a conclusion that will likely put community members' minds at ease.

The Council, after hearing staff reports from City Finance Director Emily Boyd, Public Works Director Eric Wier and Pool Manager Matt Hildebrand, as well as from several concerned community members, voted to lower and postpone

a few of the city staff's fee recommendations in order to make things easier on the people and businesses the newly implemented fees would have affected.

The Council decided to lower the Class O business licensing fee to $15 annually - what the farmer's market vendors had requested - instead of implementing the $20 fee that staff had recommended. They also postponed until next year a $10.50 charge that would have affected vendors at the Chamber of Commerce-sponsored Fourth of July celebration.

In regard to the pool, the Council decided to allow members of the Masters Swim Club to continue using their punch card passes, which allow members to use the pool at a reduced price, until the end of the year. The staff's $5 increased fee recommendation for pool rental rates would have made those cards - issued to club members in an effort to help the club get off the ground when it started last year - worthless, Master Swim Club members complained during the public hearing.

Also the Council decided to lower the charge for placing a planter box in front of a business from $100 to $50.

In other business the Council voted to extend the temporary prohibition of licenses for new offsite tobacco and alcohol retailers for 10 months and fifteen days. The extension is to give city staff time while it amends the city municipal code to better monitor where tobacco and alcohol retailers are opening in the city.

Also the Council approved a $20,000 annual contribution to the Border Coast Regional Airport Authority for the next five years, starting in the 2014 fiscal year.

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