Triplicate Staff

Less than two months after an ill-advised anonymous post to had local law enforcement and school district officials on high alert, the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office is again asking the social media website for help. is a website that allows users to anonymously post pictures with accompanying text.

On June 15, a post from user Magnolia_Spent read "all day long, i think about killing people... mostly the people around me... i think im going to steal a gun.. =]."

The message was labeled as coming from the Bertsch neighborhood.

Although posters are not identified, their distance from the viewer is noted. Posters can elect to have a location turned on when posting, which Magnolia_Spent did.

The sheriff's office is actively investigating the case, Sheriff Dean Wilson said.

"We are in the process of trying to get the information from Whisper," Wilson said.

The Crescent City Police Department tried to get similar information from whisper in April, but the student responsible for the post came forward before they were able to get information from the website.