Triplicate Staff

Firefighters responded to a small blaze off of Union Street on Tuesday around 6:30 p.m.

Crescent City Fire Chief Steve Wakefield said that an unknown party set on fire an old van that had been converted to a camper.

"That is one of many fires that we have had in that area we call the 'Ruth Compound,'" Wakefield said, estimating he has visited the area 20 times for similar fires.

"It has been an attractive spot for homeless and all kinds of different people," he said.

The fire itself was mostly contained to the vehicle, with a little escaping into the brush, but firefighters from Crescent Fire Protection District and the Crescent City Volunteer Fire Department were able to get the fire under control within about five minutes on the scene, Wakefield said.

Cal Fire also responded to make sure that the fire didn't spread or restart due to the dry conditions, he said.